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Former Presidents
Christopher Bunting (2000-2005)      
Steven Isserlis (2005-2010)      
Tasmin Little ((2010 -2013))      
Sir Yehudi Menuhin (1975-1999)  

Vice President

Christopher Wellington 


Dale Chambers  Email
Stuart Hazelton    Email
Simon Jones    Email
Dr Louise Lansdown    Email
Joanna Leslie    Email
Kay Tucker    Email
Jo Cole  Email
Ted Wilson  Email
Vera Pereira  Email
Elizabeth Goble  Email
Gwilym Hooson  Email

Executive Committee
Philip Aird (Chair)    Email
Sheila Holdsworth    Email
Steve Bingham    Email
Kay Tucker    Email

ESTA Bursary Committee
Kate Beresford      
Keith Berry (Chair)    Email
William Bruce    Email
Simon Cartledge   Email
Judith Cooper    Email
Marion Pedder (Secretary)    Email
John Shayler  Email
Hilary Sturt    Email
John Shayler    Email

Editor (Arco and JESTA)
Steve Bingham    Email

Membership Secretary
Anja Josefsberg    Email

ESTA Secretary
Anja Josefsberg    Email

ESTA Chief Executive Officer
Philip Aird    Email


ESTA Marketing and Project Director
Sheila Holdsworth    Email