A view from the registration desk.


This year was the first time we’d been hosted by Chichester University so we had very little idea about how they as an organisation, work. I had many questions…. how would our course slot into their existing systems? How many music stands would I need to move over the week…..(millions….) Where are the toilets? What time is dinner? I could go on.

As it turned out, with the help of their terrific staff we managed to put on a successful course. From the arrival of the first delegate to the exit of the last, all more or less, went to plan! It’s tremendously hard work, I wonder how many miles I walked in that week. Not only did we have nearly 50 delegates, we had some trade stands too so table shifting became another skill I acquired, not to mention making sure the presenters had everything they needed too.

All in all, it was a great week. We had such good feedback and I felt properly appreciated. Thanks to all who came. Please come again next year! And I promise the quiz will make more sense- ha! Not really. I am imcapable.




















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