How to promote your instrument in schools.

Dale Chambers August 3 2016


·         If only the bottom of the pyramid was the same size as in the ‘olden days’.

·         If only parents these days understood what it takes to learn a stringed instrument.

·          If only children these days had the attention span of gnat


The world is full of ‘if onlys….’ Well this session will knock many of these on the head, acknowledge a few truths about our world and status and encourage and inspire you to evangelise your instrument ‘back home’ and generate a legion of devoted followers. Well, that’s the idea anyway.


The plain fact is that it is not enough to be talented at playing (though this helps). It is not enough to be fabulous at teaching (though this definitely helps). What you have to be is a politician. Many of you already know this, and this session will give examples of:

·         How to deliver an effective assembly at primary level to generate pupils

·         How to generate finance to support your teaching from commercial bodies

·         How to set up an effective string scheme using group tuition

·         How to inspire pupils to play the viola and double bass

·         How to harness the support of Head Teachers – knowing the buttons to press


And much more.

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