Setting up in Business with Richard Batty.

Richard took us through all the practical aspects of running your self as a business, what you need to think about pre setting up and of course, how to keep your business in tip top shape. How to get students and how to keep them. How to present your home or find premises that may be more suitable. What insurances do you need? How do you present yourself to the inland revenue? How do you bill your students? do you really need headed notepaper? What is your role in nurturing your students? What part do you play in their lives? Do you really need a web site?


1    Setting up:  This will include finding premises, using your home, self employment and company status, dealing with your legal and tax obligations.


2    Marketing yourself: Getting yourself noticed in the increasingly crowded teaching world, understanding and defining your prospective students  


3    Maintaining your business:  Banking, accounting and invoicing. Planning for the future, and understanding why students leave and how to keep them.   


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