When the Tutor Book Ends

Dale Chambers Summer School August 4 2016


Every teacher has been there at some stage in their career. What shall I teach this pupil next? I need a fresh approach and need to be seen to be moving forwards (even if, in reality we are just standing still) and for whatever reason the prospect of an exam is unappealing to either student or teacher – possibly both!


This session will seek to explore how best to use repertoire (as opposed to a tutor book or set of studies) to further technique and enjoyment of playing using the medium of real music. Not restricted either to the early years, but also to that sometimes awkward gap between exams where there isn’t a ‘method’ or tutor book readily available. Those participating are encouraged to bring along material which will facilitate discussion, especially those pieces of music which are ‘off the beaten track’ but have been a success as a teaching aid.


There will be opportunity for participation both verbally and musically from everyone and the session will culminate in the drawing of a ‘road map’ of where we would like students to be heading together with examples of the musical tools they could use to help them achieve this goal.


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