Bursary funds

ESTA UK has set up three special funds in memory of gifted teachers who contributed greatly to the formation and work of the organisation.

The Joan Dickson Chamber Music Fund (JDCMF)

The purpose of the Joan Dickson Chamber Music Fund is two fold:

  • To award bursaries enabling pupils of ESTA UK members to attend Chamber Music Courses
  • To award bursaries to ESTA UK members to help in the setting up of Chamber Music Projects for their pupils

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young cellist

PLEASE NOTE that only current members of ESTA UK are eligible to apply to any of our bursary funds.

The Nannie Jamieson Nutshell Fund (NJNF)

The purpose of the Nannie Jamieson Nutshell Fund is to award bursaries enabling ESTA UK members to develop and broaden their teaching skills.

  • Bursaries are awarded to attend short courses on string teaching
  • Bursaries are awarded to enable established teachers to take a limited number of one-to-one private lessons in ESTA’s Play Better, Teach Better programme

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violin player

The Sheila Nelson Stringwise Fund (SNSF)

The purpose of the Sheila Nelson Stringwise Fund is to promote and disseminate the art of teaching as practised by Sheila Nelson through the creation of an archive of her work which will support string teachers.

Bursaries may also be awarded to members of ESTA UK teaching in the UK and wishing to further their knowledge of the methodologies of Sheila Nelson and Paul Rolland, and those with a special interest in group teaching.

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Sheila Nelson