The Sheila Nelson Stringwise Fund

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Please read these criteria before applying for a grant using the appropriate link at the bottom of this page

  • Applications for grants are considered by the Bursary Committee 4 times a year. Deadlines remain at the discretion of the Bursary Committee and late applications may be considered in exceptional circumstances. Applicants are notified of the decision of the Bursary Committee within 2-4 weeks of the published deadline for applications
  • You have to be a string teacher or a trained player who intends to become one.
  • Bursaries are only ever awarded to current Full Professional, Young Professional, Overseas Professional or Student members of ESTA UK (click here to join ESTA UK) or to the pupils of teachers who are current members of ESTA UK. Preference may be given to those who have been a member of ESTA UK for 12 months or more. 
  • Grants are usually for a maximum of £350 and limited in number.
  • Grant applications are considered on their individual merit. Three grants from any single fund is the normal maximum any individual can receive and to award more than three grants remains at the discretion of the ESTA Bursary Committee.
  • The SNSF supports teachers working in the UK and wishing to further their knowledge of the methodologies of Sheila Nelson and Paul Rolland and those with a special interest in group teaching. The Fund cannot help with the cost of instruments, travel, entering competitions, post-graduate performing courses or pedagogy courses that do not fit the criteria specified above.
  • You are asked to provide a short CV and indicate reasons for need of a grant including details of any specific financial hardship.
  • The amount of any grant awarded will be paid to the teacher once they have provided a copy of the receipt for the fees and a scan/photo of the relevant part of a bank/credit card statement showing the name of the organisation that has been paid and the amount.
  • If awarded a grant you are required to provide a write-up on the course describing a teaching point, tip or strategy from the course in a format that can be shared with the ESTA membership. The write-up must be submitted within two weeks of the end of the course. This report or extracts from it will appear on the ESTA website and might be published in the ESTA magazine Arco. On request, the report can be published anonymously.

CLICK HERE to apply for a grant from the SNSF