This page will show a variety of “For Sale” and “Wanted” notices submitted by members of ESTA UK.

We check all content before it goes live, and so if you would like to add a notice to the page please send it to us using the following steps:

  1. Send us an email to
  2. Make sure that you give us all the details for your notice.
  3. Please also make sure that you include contact details in the notice: We can only publish the notice if you include some form of contact detail, and we will only use contact details that are included within the text of the notice.
  4. You can attach photos to the email if required.
  5. We will review your notice and contact you if anything needs to be changed.

NB: ESTA UK takes no responsibility for the accuracy of listings, or for any disputes which may arise. This page is a noticeboard only and we are not involved in any financial transactions connected to any of the notices we publish here. By submitting a notice to us you give consent for any contact details within the notice to be made available publicly on this page. Notices remain on the page for a maximum of two months, but can be renewed by re-submission using the method outlined above.