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…..I feel very grateful to have been taken under her wing as a child and given the opportunity to make music at her house every Sunday. I also have fond memories of being part of the Tower Hamlets String Project all those years ago……
(Jenny Adejayan – a cellist who started playing as part of the Tower Hamlets String Teaching Project and later went to Sheila’s house to play chamber music)

The archive of Sheila Nelson’s work will draw on an extensive library of films of her teaching, training string teachers and of her students playing in concerts. It will include various articles by and about her plus notes she made about how to teach various techniques of string playing. All this needs collating and presenting in a manner that will provide inspiration and support to string teachers all over the world for years to come.

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Mark McEvoy learned the violin with Sheila and has used some of the film footage to make this tribute to her.

(Thanks to Mark McEvoy for allowing us to use his film)

……The whole experience enriched life for me and opened up a whole world of opportunities. It’s great to know that Sheila’s legacy will live on and that her life’s work will be available to inspire many more people.
(Jenny Adejayan)